Due to its proximity to the equator, the island shows all the characteristics of the tropics and is blessed by the sun throughout the entire year making Sri Lanka the perfect destination. Still, the best travel time varies depending on the different regions. The South and West Coast have the best weather conditions with up to 10 sun hours per day between December and April. The East Coast is just the opposite. Here you can enjoy pure sunshine and dry weather from April to September. Anywhere you go, the seawater is always comfortably warm, reaching up to 25 degrees each day. Perfect for taking a swim!

Though India is not far away, Sri Lanka’s rain season is unlike the Indian monsoon. During the Sri Lanka pluvial period, rain showers are rather short but intense and appear mostly in the mornings or in the afternoons and stop just as suddenly as they started. Thus, travellers often can enjoy up to 6 sunny hours even during the monsoon. And the tropical heat remains. For example, the temperature lies around 28 degrees in the capital city of Colombo throughout the year.

Only the central highlands offer a cooler climate due to the isolated location of some valleys. From December to February, the day time temperatures rise up to 30 degrees, while they can drop close to 10 degrees at night. If you are planning on visiting the mountains and hills of Central Sri Lanka, don’t forget to pack clothing that keeps you warm after sunset.