How our journey started

For a traveller, the world is a book with many chapters. For us, Sri Lanka is the most fascinating!
Nandaja introduces the beauty, diversity and the people of Sri Lanka to European tourists. Because from all we learned while travelling the country, it’s the people that make each stay unforgettable.
Nandaja helps Sri Lankans to keep up their own businesses and make an independent living of it. This is our understanding of a sustainable way of live and healthy development of small and medium size businesses.
We are realising our idea of good travelling, which means supporting the locals by offering fair conditions and strengthening individual and responsible travelling.
Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful and heartwarming places we got to know and we wish to inspire you to travel this wonderful place.
We believe it should be on everyones travel list - at least once.
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Falling in love with Sri Lanka

  03 April 2016
Falling in love with Sri Lanka

Travelling is falling in love with places and people.

Yes, it can truly be said - this is my story. I have always been a traveller and I enjoy nothing ....
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